We know that’s the first question that comes to your mind when pondering having a professional video produced for you.

Who do we call? What is our budget? What do we say? Who is our audience? How will we use it?

There’s more, but these thoughts alone can prevent many from moving forward with a video project. And that’s understandable. It’s a lot to think about and getting it right is important.



We promise you the experience, if done correctly, is simple and actually fun. Let’s show you the common trail our clients take to end up with a video they love.

  1. Contact us. (just about anything but smoke signals works for us)

  2. Have a general discussion about what you are thinking and if we area fit

  3. Schedule a time to meet and discuss your project in detail

  4. Provide you with a no obligation quote. The fee is complete with no hidden costs

  5. If it’s a go, we begin the game plan. Finalize concept, shooting locations/time, people, script, storyboard, etc.

  6. If scripted, get approval on script

  7. Film and direct

  8. First edit (General look and feel, music, fonts, graphics, images, etc.)

  9. Second edit (View changes from edit one, and continue the refinement process)

  10. Third edit (usually the last edit, unless we find other things we want to change)

  11. Render in preferred formats (Don’t worry…we help you with this)

  12. Deliver your video

  13. Celebrate

  14. Provide you with our guide on how to get the most out of your video

You are never charged for additional edits in this process unless we make changes to things already changed as requested. If outside video/images are requested and approved by the client, the client is charged for the image or video and become the client’s property.