Consumers today favor video messages over other forms of content. This trend is especially evident in the rise and popularity of video streaming sites. For that reason, increased video production is highly beneficial for brands that embrace video content marketing.

Video marketing is highly effective as a targeting and sales conversion tool, therefore adding a valuable addition to any company’s overall marketing plan.

Here are some key facts about why investing in online video marketing is worthwhile.


1. Videos are Easy to Consume

Unlike written content, videos are much easier for people to consume, with more consumers preferring videos than text. The consumers can relax and absorb all the video information without scrolling or exerting any effort. An excellent example of this phenomenon is people watch up to 500 million hours of videos on YouTube every day.

Also, video content marketing allows your audience to consume more engaging information quickly. Some platforms auto-play videos, further reducing the input required to watch content. Video marketing guarantees the audience is more receptive and engaged in the content.

2. Videos Have a High Conversion Rate

Videos are not only popular among consumers, but they are also better at initiating action. For instance, more consumers are willing to purchase a product after seeing the accompanying explainer videos.

If properly shot, edited, and presented, your audience will likely watch the video to the end and will retain most of the information shared. It means professional video production and video editing can support your organization and deliver increased sales for your products and services while significantly increasing brand awareness.

3. Videos are the Perfect Fit for Today’s Digital World

Digital video production has also increased as more people access media on different devices, particularly smartphones and tablets. That’s excellent news as it means your web video production efforts will be rewarded since you can reach your audience nearly anywhere.

Consumption of video over mobile has significantly increased over the last few years as videos are more suited to the active, connected modern lifestyle. Video production is worthwhile since your audience is available all day, everywhere. Besides, search algorithms will typically favor video content as consumers spend more time on webpages with video.

4. Get Professional Video Content Marketing at Pro Video Source

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