Where to Begin with Video Production Services

Complete video production typically involves a significant amount of time, expertise, and effort. Our team has developed a straightforward process from concept development to online video marketing to offer you the best results.

Here is more insight into our process:


1. Initial Contact

Your journey to amazing videos for your brands starts when you contact us through phone or email. We will have a general discussion about your online video marketing project during this first conversation, including the reasons for the video, the intended audience, and what you want to communicate. We'll also schedule a time to meet in person or on video-call to discuss your needs in more detail.

Planning and sticking to your budget for video production is critical to the project’s success. We provide you a no-obligation quote at this stage. The fees included for your digital video production are based on the nature and scope of work you need for your videos.

2. Concept Development

Upon agreement, our team moves to the next stage where we will begin to discuss and outline the video concepts. This will happen with much detail and includes defining the following key elements:

Once approved, we move into the finalizing stage where we finalize the concept and receive approval from the client. Upon competition, we move into the exciting pre-video production stage.

3. Pre-Production

The pre-production stage covers everything we require to get ready for an excellent video shoot. It includes scriptwriting, making storyboards, auditions for cast members, preparing our crew, searching and/or securing the right locations, and choosing wardrobes among others. This stage of video marketing is critical and involves plenty of crucial decisions that determine your final product's quality and success.

4. Video Production

After all the necessary preparations have been done, we can finally roll the camera and start filming your unique video. Here, the web video production steps include setting up the video, sound, and lighting equipment for recording interviews, voiceovers, and capturing additional b-roll footage. We will incorporate the approved concepts, ideas, or specific visuals with our expert skills to create incredible videos for your brand.

5. Post-Production

Post-production in online video marketing covers our video editing services, where we add a range of special effects to enhance the video. Video editing includes adding audio and visual effects, voiceover, adjusting color and sound, and generally improving the video's overall look and feel.

The client is then given the first edit to offer their feedback and communicate any refinements they may need. We implement the suggested changes and send the file for second and third reviews to refine and polish everything. At this point, the final version is ready to be rendered in the desired formats for immediate publishing.

6. Distribution and marketing

Online video marketing is a crucial part of our video production services since we need your audience to watch and learn from your videos. We will thereby provide you with our video marketing guide to ensure you fully capitalize on your videos.

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Working with Joe and his crew made the entire experience a fun and enjoyable one. They took all the worry out of the process and made it incredibly easy for our team. We love the finished product and use it to showcase our efforts in the community. Fantastic value, fantastic people.

Allie Hire

- Client

BIG Joe Stout help me with my latest book promotion. He came right to my house with his equipment and quickly had me at ease. He's very professional and also fun to work with. I highly recommend Joe Stout and PRO VIDEO SOURCE.

Rick Incorvia

- Client

I would give Pro Video Source six stars if I could. The attention to detail exceeded my expectations. Joe (I think he's the owner) is tall, but don't be intimidated he was very easy to communicate with. Great customer service! Would highly recommend.

Nick Jones

- Client

Joe approaches each project with enthusiasm and creativity. The final product always exceeds expectations.

Michelle Hunkins

- Client

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